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Recent Board Decisions

Just a reminder that all of our meetings are open to the public. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

February 2016 Meeting

After much discussion, a motion was made to adopt a new format for the 2016 Championship Show. Motion was second. Motion passed.

Non Pro Class for illustration purposes:

• All contestants must be qualified having shown 4 times at one ACHA affiliate or 8 times at any combination of ACHA affiliates, or be in the top 10 for the season. Contestants must be in good standing.
• Each contestant will be required to pre-enter as in the past.
• Class will run 1st go on designated day 1 and 2nd go on designated day 2.
• Entry fee will be paid for each day / $1,000 added money each day.
• Payout on each day will be based on our regular weekend payout system.
• The Champion and Reserve Champion will be determined by the highest combined score from both days. 

In short, every cutter will have a shot at the purse and added money on both days, a shot at the championship, and an overall lower entry fee to play. 

January 2016 Meeting

A motion was made to amend the Non-Pro qualifications for persons applying for a Non-Pro Card.
An individual may apply for Non-Pro if duties of a trainer had not been performed as follows:

Has not performed duties as a trainer for the past year and has not earned more than $5,000 in open earnings (including aged events)
Has not performed duties as trainer for the past 3 years and has less that $10,000 in in open earnings ( including aged events)
Has not performed duties as a trainer for the past 5 years and has less than $20,000 in open earnings (including aged events).

The applications made would come before the ACHA Board for approval. This rule would be effective October 1, 2016. Motion received a second. Motion passed unanimously.

November / December 2015

There was much discussion on the 2016 Season including the ACHA Weekend and The Championship Show. No motions were made or taken to vote in the November and December Meetings.

October 2015

Combine the Junior and Senior classes in order to make a class. Award points to those showing. Example (2 juniors showing, highest scored junior will get 2 points. The other 1 point.) Class within a class.
Discussion of adding option of having a CPA firm to count ballots if necessary. Motion was made by Billy Owens to accept rule. 2nd by Jana Lowe. Rule passed.

Rule Changes:

Rule16: Motion was made to change wording to read earnings on horse or rider would be combined from the National Cutting Horse Association and the American Cutting Horse Association records as to eligibility in classes. Motioned received a second. Motion carried.

Rule 16A: Needs to state a specific rule of action to be taken (entry fees forfeited, repay earnings) on first offense. Second offense a fine would be imposed based on the Boards decision. (Rule 40) After reading those changes, Board discussion and corrections were made. A Motion was made to make changes as written. Motion received a second. Motion passed.

New Business
A motion was made, after much discussion, to move forward on hiring a marketing person for the ACHA. Motion was tabled for more discussion at the November meeting.


Upcoming Events

 April 27
Dorrigo, NSW, Australia

April 27 - 28
South Texas CHA - Brenham, TX

May 4
Oklahoma CHA
2 shows in one day

May 17 - 19
ACHA Weekend - Brenham, TX


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